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"Consider It Dunn by SCH, Inc."

About Consider It Dunn by SCH Inc.

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Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Cassandra Dunn Henry


Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our services as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Our Company:

This is where you can learn about our company and its history. We have been interested in starting our own business for many years and are excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting.


Our Profile



-Planned and coordinated distinguished visitor meetings (to include foreign dignitaries) and special events.

-Proven and lauded customer servant with superb professional disposition and appearance.

-Excellent communications skills and comfortable speaking with large groups.

-Coordinated travel to foreign countries; obtaining passports, visas, Department of State travel notices, foreign travel briefings, and required immunizations.

-Developed itineraries and performed escort duties, including traveling with groups.

-Coordinated transportation, billeting, activities, and other administrative and logistical support.

-Served as the Project Officer for distinguished visitors. -Planned and coordinated West Point Graduation ceremony, televised Army/Navy Football games, and Change-of-Command Ceremony

-Selected appropriate gifts for distinguished visitors, received gifts and wrote letters of appreciation.

-Coordinated transportation, billeting, administrative and logistical support to numerous recording artists.

-Directorate of Operations, Plans, and Security (DOPS),

-Arranged for all international transportation, billeting, social functions, and other administrative and logistical support.

-Directly responsible for monitoring all accounts of the DOPS. Prepared input to the Command Budget Estimate. Coordinated with the Directorate of Resource Management and determined targets for DOPS accounts.

-Served as the primary functional manager.

-Served as the On-Site EEO Counselor and point of contact for Collateral Duty Counselors. Investigated, analyzed and interpreted individual EEO problems and recommended courses of action. Processed all discrimination complaints of a confidential nature for military and civilian employees.
Dominique L Dunn



-Served as the Special Events Planner and performed other administrative duties at Def Jam Record Company.

-Developed and prepared itineraries, coordinated transportation, administrative and logistical support for distinguished visitors and special events participants.

-Account assistant at Def Jam Music record company

-Coordinated event for the nationally renowned "Beyonce", "Jay-Z" and others. Birthday parties,family events, etc..

-Lifestyle account manager to several artists at Def Jam and other .

-Coordinated "after parties" for various professional athletes and recording artists.

-Decorating Consultant for various professionals

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