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"Consider It Dunn by SCH, Inc."

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On this page we will list all of the events we are a part of and planning. Please check in often because we will frequently update this page with new events.


New Event: We are about to start an Open MIC and Live Music platform at location in Hempstead, NY. We are going to have a live band there for you to listen to and allow you to get up on the stage and show your vocal talents! So start working on those vocals!!!

So get those chops ready!!!

We will be opening our door every 3rd Sunday of the month... so put on your calender!!!

Stay tuned for more information and check this site! We are going to have sooo much fun!!!!

I want to say thanks to those of you who still came out in the rain to support "Consider It Dunn by SCH, Inc.".

Your support is truly appreciated!!!

Here are some pictures from April 30th:


Happy Day everyone! The new event we are working on is "ADOPT-A-UNIT" in IRAQ. The unit has sent us a list of items they would like to have. We are requesting everyone make a donation to the unit we have adopted.





You can email us at:

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Click here to see more Consider It Dunn "Spring Thing" Party pictures!!! ===========================================

Please get in touch to request our services, offer comments and join our mailing list to find out about upcoming events!


                            "ADOPT A UNIT US"

 We are sponsoring this now!! 

Check it out and show them some support for the unit protecting us!!!!

DONATE to Adopt A Unit US.!!!
PayPal available for donations.

Donations to Adopt A Unit US program.

Supporting our troops!



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